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Nadia Fava Artistic Director

Her appointment as Senator of the World Parliament for Peace and Security, an American intergovernmental institution, is the most recent testimony of the esteem that Nadia Fava enjoys internationally for her efforts in her thirty years of work for youth and dance.
Therefore a life, hers, full not only of professional satisfaction, but also of civil commitment. A life projected into the world of classical dance, with many projects fulfilled and many other still to be achieved in favour of young people and their interest and of Italian dance and culture.
Besides her the achievements (graduated in Budapest, active at the Conservatory of Ballet in San Francisco), Nadia Fava associates the firm conviction that dance should also be a vehicle for human and civil education.
As she loves to remind and write, she considers herself not only a dance teacher, but also and above all “a master of life”. Her school, in fact, wants to transmit not only technical, choreutical and choreographic training, but also and above all the civic rules proper to good citizens.
These strong convictions led her to share her vision with others: in Italy he founded the Association ”Associazione Liberi Insegnanti di Danza” with the intent to clarify and promote their professionalism, in Europe she promoted a Federation to solicit the association of dance teachers and create opportunities for collaboration between the art of ballet and solidarity initiatives.
In Italy she has fulfilled various institutional roles as a Member of Ministerial Commissions for the dissemination and enhancement of artistic culture and for the reordering of laws on the teaching of dance.
She is enrolled in the Register of the Dance Master of America, the most prestigious international organization and is its representative in Italy.
In Modena, she makes concrete a prestigious project: she transforms the historical and most famous classical dance school in the city, named after Maria Taglioni, into “Politecnico DaReCa”, a center where dance, acting and singing intertwine, always with a view of a complete human education. Young people continue to be at the center of her projects in a humanistic vision of life.

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